Commander Sealed is pleased to welcome the following artists as guests at the main event Sept […]
Commander Sealed 2024 will return to the RIT Inn and Conference Center on Sept 13-15. A […]
You told us you loved this year’s main event, so we want to keep lots of […]
When you attend a Magic convention, it’s normal to expect to see singles vendors. Why not […]
Check out the official Commander Sealed 2023 shirts from Bonfire! Head to the store to see […]
Tally ho Cathars! Eliana is a Magic: the Gathering competitor, creator, cosplayer, and fan. Despite playing […]
Kurohitsuki is an MTG Ambassador who stream Commander games over Spelltable 4 nights a week. I […]
k0ppk0pp is a multi-talented content creator and captivating variety streamer originally from Queens, NY. In a […]
Register early, get next year’s event for last year’s prices Thank you again for being a […]
Players at prior years event photo
Photos by Brianna Braswell THANK YOU to everyone who made today’s Commander Sealed 2022 fundraising event […]