This event is run by Just Games Rochester LLC, a Rochester NY-based company.

We deploy security cameras and photography to maintain safety and our marketing plan. If you do not wish to be photographed, you must expressly inform the management. We will make every effort to not include individuals who have asked not to be photographed in our photography. However, by attending, you acknowledge that this event is open to public registration, and you do not have an expectation of privacy while attending public areas of the event, including but not limited to, the main event floor, vendor hall, public food court, content creator hall, artist gallery, or side events.

If you wish to take photographs, we ask that you speak to the management and all individuals being photographed first. This applies primarily to Content Creators attending, who are not covered by this photo release. If someone is photographing you who you are not certain is one of our staff (someone not wearing a staff badge), and whom you did not give permission to, please inform the event administration.

We will never sell your data or email to any third party. Any quotes submitted in feedback or reviews may be used for public marketing, as may photographs taken of you in attendance of our events. If you have questions about how your data is used, you may email