Players attending must purchase a ticket to the Main Event: Commander Sealed on Saturday, or General admission.

Main event tickets for sealed include:

7 unique packs from among these sets

March of the Machines
Phyrexia: All is One
Brother’s War
Streets of New Capenna
Adventures in the Forgotten Realms
Zendikar Rising
Kamigawa Neon Dynasty
Throne of Eldraine

1 pack of each

Dominaria United
Dominaria Remastered
Commander Legends
Lord of the Rings
Mystery Booster

2 packs of

Battle for Baldur’s Gate

General admission is admission for all 3 days, and gives you a pass to the artist and vendor rooms, casual play tables. General admission or main event attendance are required to participate in side events.


Main event prizes will be comprised of booster packs from these sets, but may include additional product from other sets as provided by sponsors. Top table prizes will be divided according to the charity selected at signup. This year’s prizes have been increased across the board. More packs for everyone!

Prizes at the end of Swiss Rounds will be in additional booster packs

3-0 records

2-1 records

1-2 records

0-3 records

9 additional packs

5 additional packs

2 additional packs

1 additional pack

The Trevor Project Prizes

Top 4: Commander Collection Black Premium

1st: Complete set of Commander Decks from 2023

Trans Lifeline Prizes

Top 4: Commander Collection Green Premium

1st: Complete set of Commander Decks from 2023

Top table prizes are all donated to this event by Just Games Rochester.