We need judges and staff for this event, so jump in today and help us support these great charities! Apply below; the rates are as follows, if accepted:

  • Head Judge (L2 and L1 considered) get $300 per day.
  • Team Lead (assists in keeping main events moving, acts as floor judge) $250 per day
  • Floor Judges (L1 and Rules Advisors considered) get $200 per day
  • Event Staff / Scorekeeper get $125 per day
  • All compensation is per day worked. Minimum shift time if hired is one full day.

All staff and judges get free entry into the General Admission portions of the event as well as priority seating for any side events Sunday that they would like to participate in.

Staff Position Descriptions

General Staff: Assist Judges with set-up and tear-down; product disbursement; directing attendees, vendors, and artists; answering general questions; assisting organizers and event staff as needed; assists players with physical difficulties during gameplay (such as deck manipulation).

Floor Judge: Assists with directing players; product disbursement; answers general event questions; answers rules questions and applies remedies in line with the JAR and MSMTR; fulfills responsibilities according to assigned Team (Sides, Floor, End Of Round)

Floor Team: Answer player questions regarding rules and the event; helps direct players before/during event; ensures a safe and welcoming environment for all; responds to calls in a timely manner; takes appropriate action during disagreements and/or unwanted behaviors; seeks TL/HJ involvement as necessary; provides time extensions as appropriate.

End of Round Team: Ensures paper pairings are posted and removed in a timely manner; tracks time extensions; coordinates with TL, HJ, and SK to ensure coverage for outstanding and extended matches; ensures players understand EOM procedures specific to the event.

Sides: Ensures on-demand-events launch quickly once queue is full; coordinates with TO and SK to allocate adequate space for each event; ensures players understand how to conduct each event (ie how to draft); coordinates with TO for product to use in limited events; checks events periodically to ensure timely completion and reporting; provides accurate rulings according to CR, (MS)MTR, and JAR; can act fairly independent, yet seeks guidance when necessary.

Team Lead: Assists with directing players; product disbursement; answers general event questions; answers rules questions and applies remedies in line with the JAR and MSMTR; determines needs of Team based on various factors (round, time, density of calls, etc…); coordinates with HJ to facilitate breaks and coverage; provides support and feedback for Team members

Head Judge: Assists Organizer with set-up and tear-down; assists with planning; determines overall plan for event and general plan for each Team; coordinates with Team Leads and staff to provide coverage and breaks; delivers appropriate announcements to players; provides rulings and appeals; determines appropriate action for Unwanted Behaviors and Serious Problems

Scorekeeper: Ensures players are properly registered and enrolled in event prior to start; coordinates with Head Judge/Team Leads to facilitate event; ensures recorded results are accurate and missing results are reported to Head Judge/Team Lead; is proficient with Tournament Software (custom and EventLink); answers general player questions regarding event, directs to Judge staff for rules and policy questions.

Notes: If a judge is cut by the Organizer while they are already on-site for a day, they will be paid for 50% of that day. If they are cut prior to attending or do not attend for any reason they will not be paid for the event.

Apply below to be a judge or event staff

Early applications will be reviewed and replied to by March 31, 2024. If you have questions about your application status, please email Matt Vercant at outreach@justgamesroc.com

Early staff applications are closed