Players at prior years event photo

Photos by Brianna Braswell

THANK YOU to everyone who made today’s Commander Sealed 2022 fundraising event for the Trevor Project a huge success! Donations and pledges continued to stream in overnight, and you all raised over $15,000 for the Trevor Project today while playing Magic with Just Games! That’s more than 3x of the fundraising we did last year! AMAZING!

Special thanks to all artists and vendors, staff, judges, content creators, and especially the over 300 players who traveled from all over North America to make this event such an incredible success. In particular thank you to EDHREC for pledging generously in the final hours of the event and coming out in force to support, as well as the nearly 30 Content Creators and vendors who helped spread the word this year.  Also to Allen Douglas, Alan Pollack, and Ben Schnuck who traveled from near and far to bring an amazing artist presence to this event and help fundraise, and our Playmat sponsors at Gamermats. You’re all absolutely amazing. This was perhaps the largest Magic event ever run in Rochester, and it was certainly the largest ever run by us.

THANK YOU all again so much for all your time, effort, travel and kindness. Travel home safe, and we’ll see you next time!



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