Sept 13-15 at the RIT Inn and Conference Center

Schedule subject to change, please check with our event staff on site for any updates

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Unless otherwise noted, organized events are in the Iroquois Ballroom

Friday, Sept 13 | Welcome Party

  • 4 pm sign-ups for Welcome Party Sealed and early check-in
  • 6 pm Welcome Party sealed
  • 6 – 12 pm Command Zone in Henrietta ballroom
  • 9 pm comedy show in Treaty Room

Saturday, Sept 14 | Main Event – Commander Sealed

  • 7 am registration (Iroquois Ballroom for Trevor Project, Henrietta Ballroom for Trans Lifeline)
  • 9 am build begins
  • 10 am round 1 begins
  • 7 pm finals begin (approximate)
  • 9 pm bands/karaoke in Treaty Room

Sunday, Sept 15 | Side Events and auction

  • 7-9 am VIP breakfast with Magic artists in Treaty Room (VIPs and artists only)
  • 9 am First Flight of Side events start (see options below)
  • 10-2 pm Content Creator meet and greet activities at side-events
  • 12 pm Second Flight of Side Events Start (see options below)
  • 3 pm auction end
  • 3-4 pm Thank yous on Stream
  • 5 pm End of the show

Side Events Scheduled from 9 am to 3 pm

Side events will be in the Iroquois Ballroom from 9 am to 3 pm, firing as scheduled or on demand, as marked

9 am Start

12 pm Start Time

On Demand

On-Demand Side Drafts fire all day as interest dictates. All events are subject to change based on scheduling and staff availability. Check at Event Registration for a complete list day of.

🎟Side Events🎟

Schedule subject to change, these events are only examples, prizes will be in prize tix which are redeemable at our prize wall.

Wilds of Eldraine Friday Sealed Welcome

It’s just like prerelease sealed – play 3 rounds, win these prizes based on standings.

3-0 = 90 tix
2-1 = 60 tix
1-2 = 30 tix
0-3 = 30 tix

Oathbreaker Constructed Friday and Sunday

Play Oathbreaker with MTG writer Josh Nelson following these format rules (bring your own deck)

3-0 = 90 tix
2-1 = 60 tix
1-2 = 30 tix
0-3 = 30 tix

Sunday Side events

Signed Commander

Use art agent MountainMage’s pre-build all-signed Commander decks and battle for charity! Rules here

Pod Winner = 200 tix
Everyone Else in Pod = 50 tix

Commander Masters Draft

Draft a commander deck using Commander Masters packs.

Pod Winner = 200 tix
Everyone Else in Pod = 50 tix

Baldur’s Gate Draft

Draft a commander deck using Baldur’s Gate packs

Pod Winner = 90 tix
Everyone Else = 30 tix

Two-Headed Giant Chaos Draft!

You and a partner will pick up six unique packs from among recent standard sets and draft two decks. Take it head-to-head for charity!

3-0 = 180 tix / team
2-1 = 120 tix / team
1-2 = 60 tix / team
0-3 = 60 tix / team

JumpStart with a Content Creator!*

So your favorite content creator is here this year, and you want to play a game with them? Why not get a quick game of this year’s Jumpstart in, while letting them know why their spiciest takes are super wrong? (They love it when you do that).

Win against CC = 30 tix
Lose against CC = 10 tix

Unfinity Drafts!*

Let’s get weird! If you play any cards that interact with social media, be sure to mention the event or tag @CMDRSealed for a special prize!

Play all rounds = 30 tix
Tweet @CMDRSealed = 10 tix

Commander Sealed Redemption!

Give your Sealed deck a second chance, but with a twist! Players can spend a ticket and discard a card to cast a copy of Booster Tutor!

Play 1 round = 30 tix
Play 2 or more rounds = 40 tix

Pack Wars with a Content Creator!*

Players buy 2 packs, then hand one to a content creator. Each player cracks a single pack, adds 15 basic lands, and faces off with another team to topple their opposition. Player keeps the contents of both packs, gets extra prize tickets for beating the content creator

Win against CC = 30 tix
Lose against CC = 10 tix

Rochester Omniscience Draft!*

In this spin on Rochester’s own draft format, pods of four players will draft four packs at a time (1 pack per player). Once drafting is complete games will be played in multiplayer pods of four and follow the rules for Omniscience Draft (Each player has an Omniscience and a Rule of Law emblem, and can make WUBRG once per turn).

Pod Winner = 70 tix
Everyone Else = 10 tix

*These events are on-demand! (Or on-demand-ish in the case of Jumpstart with a Content Creator)